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What Happens After One Year Of Not Drinking.

This is a summary of what has happened to me over the last year of not drinking.

I was going to title is “A way to live longer, do more, be happier and save money….”

As the proposed title above reads, giving up alcohol has been an easy way to do all of the above and more, here are just 4 of the aspect of my life I’ve improved in the last 12 months.

1 – Happier

Drinking is used a lot of the times to mask feelings – Saturday nights are spent intoxicated and Sunday’s are spent contemplating life, eating terrible food and genuinely just feeling very sorry for yourself.

Now, I no longer worry about myself, the past or the future – previously I spent a lot of my time worrying, thinking about the future and asking myself if I’m happy. 

I can now manage the anxiety I’ve had previously and since making this change I’m now in control of my own emotions and can enjoy life to the full and live in the moment. 

2- Travel More

Because of the money and time I have saved, I can now plan further ahead and book weekend breaks aboard – Venice, Mallorca, Hannover all weekends away (Saturday – Sunday night) for less than £300 each. Even embracing and enjoying more of what the UK has to offer with day trips to Wales and Cheshire.

Even embracing and enjoying more of what the UK has to offer with day trips to Wales and Cheshire.

Rather than waking up on a Saturday morning with nothing but receipts and regret – I’m filling my life with memories.

3 – Lose Weight 

The overall change in lifestyle has led me to focus on myself, get back into running, this change has seen my lose 3 stones – this has had a huge knock on effect with my confidence and happiness.

The physical change isn’t the biggest difference – it’s my self-esteem which has dramatically been boosted which I’ve noticed the most.

4 – Productivity

I’m a new person – my efficiency, effectiveness and creativity have all increased as well as the ability to cope with hardship.

This includes reading books, learning new skills and be able to put my mental capacity towards things I previously didn’t have time too.

Rather than living your life watching Netflix waiting for your Dominos to come I’ve managed to pursue my interest and passion for History & Arts which has played a huge part in my happiness.


How many times have you said to yourself – I’m never drinking again

Think about it… it’s a no brainer.

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  1. you really do a good job and helpful to anyone who want give up drinking.

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  6. 20 quid in booze per day? Surprised you are still alive ….

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