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Why The Pressure Of Success and Fame Create More Problems

Chester Bennington:

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On Thursday 20th, while I was getting the train back from London, after a long day of meetings, to Manchester, I was scrolling through twitter as the news of Chester Bennington started to break.

2016 will always be remembered for the death of celebrities from Prince to Alan Rickman, however, the majority of these deaths came from natural causes or disease. The death of Chester Bennington was his own choice, which makes it even more shocking.

Linkin Park’s music supported a lot of people through their difficult teenage years, myself included, with hard hitting songs like Numb & In The End. Seeing them live was a highlight for young people across the globe – they quickly became a global success amongst music fans everywhere after their first album – and as Chester became the face/lead of the band he himself became the icon amongst the fans.

The sudden rise to fame and success creates a lot of pressure, problems, and stress amongst people – ironically a lot of people are now chasing this and have their life ambitions to “be famous” but do these people really understand what it can do to you having these pressure on you?


“Fame is a lot of pressure, especially when you’re responsible for your entire family. Financially, emotionally – everything. ┬áNick Carter”


A number of celebrities have opened up about the pressure of being famous, Emma Watson, Nick Carter & Miley Cryus all included. We see the impact with the child stars who very quickly go off the rails with success so young.

Mental Health Diseases do not show any physical signs, they are silent, looking at recent events and other situations they can affect anyone from every back ground, those who are deemed to have everything other people want (financial success and fame) and others think it would make their life easier & happier – actually creates more problems to those who have success, fame & fortune.

Everyone you know is fighting their own personal battle you know nothing about.

Be nice.


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