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Why You Should Be Weird And Not Care About Love Island

There are 2 ways to live your life, the first is a constant challenge to fit in and be deemed popular, the other is to live the way you want to.

The definition of “Conform” is as followed “to behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards”. If you follow this route you’ll fit in, you’ll get on with people and you’ll be accepted.

As humans, we are a social species and we look for security in others and like-minded individuals with whom we can relate with and not feel intimidated by.

The other way to live is to be yourself – we all have our own interests and passion points, be this History, Photography, Art or Crime – habits and interest we tend to hide away from others as we fear what their opinion will be of our interest. As we grow up and the need to fit in intensifies – we forget ourselves and begin to lose our individuality – we begin to talk about Love Island and other mind numbing entertainment, as it is deemed socially acceptable to spark a conversation about the latest on an Instagram post of a Z-lister rather than ask people their opinion on Napoleon invasion of Russia.

Over time people all become the same, the same life cycle, the same conversation, you can imagine how many WhatsApp group conversations this week are discussing the fact Jess / Mike slept together and that Kem and Amber won Love Island (I had to research this for the purpose of the article rather than of knowledge). How many people do you think are debating or discussing something of value of substance. If you have interests and conversations the same as everyone else your age – you’ll only ever be average – you’ll be just like everyone else.

If you develop yourself – your less socially relevant interest you’ll become an individual and have something unique about yourself. The most important resource we have is time – don’t waste it watching Love Island.

That hour a day you’ve spent watching Love Island could be have been spent exercising, learning French or reading a book. Making yourself unique amongst a whole society who are trying to be the same.

Look below – physical looks do not set people apart, it is about who you are, your values and identity.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 13.01.04

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  1. Fantastic blog Dom, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next.

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