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Race 1: The Dream Weekend At Home

My First Run

A Bit More About Me

Having been on this planet 24 years now – I’ve learned a little bit about the world and a lot about myself.

I firmly believe before you conquer anything in this world, be it parenthood, a challenge or just life itself you need to conquer yourself.

By that I mean have a strong understanding of you. Why you react to situations like you do, why you feel a certain way and what is that little voice in your head – which tells you that you shouldn’t / can’t do things.

Growing up I was blessed with many great things. There are two things which I’d say really defined my childhood and impacted who I’ve become later on in life. These factors are my close family unit and growing up in York.


Those who know me, know how highly I speak of York.

As a place to live it has everything you desire – security, comfort, and community – everyone in York knows or at least knows someone who knows everyone. The famous theory of 6 degrees of separation decreases to 1 degree in small cities.

Based on the above and a number of other factors I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather of started the 12-month challenge.


Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 22.23.27.png

York Minister from the Bar Walls.

7th August 9 am / Location York Knavesmire

Emotion: Excited

Weather: 17′ degrees and sunny

Body: Feeling great

Pre – Race Song: Clique

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.28.11.png

After months of training and planning, I was about to start the first of my 12 runs. Feeling physical and mentally better than I ever have – I was quietly confident of a new PB* and felt genuinely positive before the event.

N.B this challenge isn’t about beating PB’s it’s about pushing myself to the mental/physical limit if I beat my PB it is a bonus.

There was an added romance in the air as the route took us from the York Racecourse – straight towards the iconic York Minister and then back to the Racecourse, psychologically I only view this race as 5km – my thought process was “Once I get to the Minister, I just need to run back”.

Breaking the race up into digestible chunks – taking each Kilometre as it comes and mentally getting over how your body is feeling, the race is a constant battle in my mind of not giving up.

Around 7km I began to think to myself “Whats the point, why am I doing this” everytime this popped into my mind, I re-read my article Start With Why?

This got me through to the end.


With the race came the added opportunity for my Mum to come watch me.

Like everyone – My Mum is my biggest fan – this is the first time she’s been to an event of mine.

I turned the final corner and she was cheering me on, this was all the motivation I needed to really push myself for the final 1km.


The best part of the entire race/week – was seeing my little brother complete his first 10km – in under 1 hour.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.37.08.png

He now has caught the running bug and wants to do more…

My next run is now 24th September in Paris, click this link to Donate

If anything I have spoken about has resonate with you and you’d like a chat please don’t hesitate to contact me – Details are here: Contact

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  1. I’ve been to york and I love it so much 😉

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