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Why We Are Looking For A Happiness Manager

December 2015

As Social Chain slowly grew to over 20 people we took a long look at what we need to be a “success”. What has always been important is the people. As an agency, we are a business which will live and die by the strength and skills of the people in the team.

This followed by us asking what people need to be the best they can be. Something they must be is Happy.

Below is one of the most overused quotes by Marc Anthony

Screenshot 2017-08-14 19.45.26.png

This couldn’t be truer…

Head of Happiness

As a team, we collectively decided we needed to bring in a Head of Happiness, whose main responsibility was to every day be obsessed to make our office the best place to be. Not just the best place to work but the place where everyone felt most comfortable spending their time.

We found Kiera – our Head of Happiness.

N.B LinkedIn Here: Kiera Lawler

She set about spending the next few months building the Social Chain culture by introducing weekly Yoga sessions, Lunch & Learns and Happiness Meetings with the teams.

I asked her about her time here:

“Happiness, an amazing culture and a genuine care for people is the single most important thing a company can give to their team. When I first started at Social Chain, I thought happiness could be measured by how much food or how many events I could provide for the team. Whilst this is still something we do regularly, I quickly realised that we had something far more valuable and meaningful to give. We have created a culture where we care and listen to everyone, we recognise their unique and individual needs, we encourage learning with our weekly lunch & learn sessions, we celebrate everything, we promote well-being and mindfulness with weekly yoga and meditation, we have fun but most importantly we have a fun, creative and safe environment where people can be open and themselves. “

August 2017

Fast forward almost 2 years – Social Chain has grown to over 100 people across 3 countries and happiness / well being still remains one of our core values at Social Chain and to assure that we feel everyone is included in this we’re expanding our Happiness Team by bringing in a happiness manager

Responsibilities here:

Screenshot 2017-08-14 19.53.56.png

I don’t believe in the term of “Work / Life Balance” this a phrase used by people who tend to not like what they have chosen for a career. I believe people should focus on a rounded “Life” balance which isn’t about judging individual aspects of their life but focusing on a holistic happiness.

On average people will spend 8.6hrs (Over a quarter) of their day at work – this is a huge part of someone’s life you have a responsibility to your own health to make sure you enjoy every second and not begin to build work up as a “horrible place” in the long term this will fuel resentment and negative thoughts inside yourself.

If you feel you are a happy person but your current line of work isn’t getting the best out of you apply for our Happiness Manager.


Make the change for yourself.



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