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Tip: Own Your Bank Holiday

Last Chance!!


This weekend marks the last opportunity in the calendar year to enjoy a bank holiday. It won’t be until April next year when we next have the pleasure of the extra day out of the office environment.

While kids are still out on summer holidays prices for flights aboard start to become unreasonable. Resulting in a lot of people staying in the UK for the 3 day weekend. With autumn and the winter swiftly approaching this weekend if the occasion when you can do what you really want to do.

Here are the 3 things you could do to maximise your enjoyment over the weekend but also form a habit which will last longer.


Do Something Different


Over the last few years of your life, I bet that you’ve enjoyed a number of day sessions on Bank Holiday. Making the most of the sun and enjoying a beer garden before ending up in your local club with the same faces you see week in week out.

How does that make a bank holiday anything different to a normal weekend?

Your body is a lot more sophisticated than you think – It recognizes when alcohol is in the system and straight away begins to lengthy process of filtering it out the body. Giving the body that shock 3 times in 3 days isn’t healthy.

Tip: Go for a bike ride pack up a bag with sandwiches and instead of meeting your friends at the pub go explore.


Take Some Time For Yourself


Do you ever feel that time is getting quicker and quicker? Weeks are starting to merge and you’re asking yourself how is it September already? With Summer behind us and people, attention has already been turned to what to do for New Year – we are so busy making plans, looking forward that a lot of the time we forget to live in the here and now.

This trait is sustainable – if you are constantly looking for the next thing to do or even looking back at the fun times you had you do not embrace the moment.

This week is a good opportunity to treat yourself and give your body a rest. Spend your day doing something but have an early night – sleep is so important for your mental health and well being, with the active lifestyles we lead these days (always been connected to our phones) which I am guilty of as well – we never switch off.

This weekend, do it:

Tip: At least one night be in bed for 10 and let yourself wake up naturally. 


Do That Thing You Said You’d Do


Either at the start of the year or even the start of summer, you told yourself you were going to do something.

That could have been any of these

  • Read more books
  • Go to the gym
  • Learn a language
  • Learn to bake
  • Visit new places

All of which by February you probably forgot about and couldn’t find time to do any of them.

Or did you are your friends said you’d all do something to try and spend more time together?

Or did you promise your mum that you’d take her for lunch one day?

This is your chance to right those wrongs.

Tip: Just Do It


My Bank Holiday:


I’m spending the weekend giving myself a healthy retreat in Mallorca.

5 km run every day

Reading a few books

Writing my blogs

Planning for the future

Mallorca .jpg

Have a great weekend




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