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Why Running Is Changing My Life

Running on the rise

Every weekend up and down the country thousand of people participate in events centered around exercise. These can be 5kn fun runs, Tough Mudders or marathons. Over the last few years, these events have grown in popularity, no longer do people see the dream Sunday as a full-English breakfast followed by lying on the sofa contemplating the week ahead.

In 2016 running was officially named the Fastest Growing Activity with more people than ever signing up to participate in the London Marathon in recent years. ( Telegraph). This growth in running aligns with the wider “health movement”the world is currently seeing – as we know people are rapidly trading burger and chips for quinoa and broccolini.

The thing about working out is that it is very contagious; no, not in a bad sense of things—rather, it is very stimulating, powerful and inspiring. Especially for the guys, we love it. The whole sense of importance gets us high, and we can’t help it.


So, what’s happened?

Running outside is bringing us back to nature and out of the closed spaces (like we’re not sick and tired of all the glass walls and cubical-lives.)

A sense of purpose for lives which lack the thrills and enjoyments we once had when participating in sport every single day in our youth. The inability to commit to a Sunday League football club – and the continuous decline in standards and safety of the football games as they come breeding grounds for brawls and leg-breaks on a weekly basis – sophisticated individuals seek new challenges in a controlled environment.

But it’s not just that; guys are turning to running for a few extra reasons.

Running is meditative

Not that guys are big on exploring the inner-self but they do love to keep things calm and neat. Hitting the track or running on the interrupted paths in nature is thrilling, challenging and very calming. AND – it’s an awesome way to get away from the world of nagging and the business of ‘real life’ for a bit. You don’t even have to think or reflect on the day… just, run. If you are running in

N.B If you are running in the nighttime, make sure you have your awesome reflective clothing tape on—better safe than sorry!


Running strengthens your bones

Unlike swimming, cycling, weight lifting, etc.—running loads and remakes your bones along with the muscles. Given it’s a high impact workout, it can do wonders for the body, and very quick.

Running is easy!

The barrier to entry to running is almost zero. Everyone can do it. All you need is a pair of trainers – the rest is made up of the world around us. Along with the accessibility of running the cost is also considerably cheaper than other activity. You don’t need a gym membership or expensive football boots, shin pads and 21 other people – you can do it whenever you want on your own terms.

Taking back control and having a sense of self-discipline by creating your own training plans and fulfilling then has a huge sense of personal achievement not felt within team sports.

Having played football for many years, won a number of trophies and competition I’ve still not had the same feeling of success than when I completed my first marathon.


Running is the start!

Exercise is addictive and Running is Cocaine. Reseach conducted at Tufts University found that just as there is the endorphin rush of a “runner’s high,” there can also be the valley of despair when something prevents avid runners from getting their daily fix of miles.

In the same study, they propose that moderate exercise could be a “substitute drug” for human heroin and morphine addicts.

This shows the power of running and how much it can impact your life – think about the BBC or Youtube documentaries of heroin addicts – how powerful they say the drug is and how it impacts their wider life.

Now imagine all that positive energy following into your life, making you more confidence, healthier, energic and then underlying everything happier.

That is powerful.

Good Luck To Everyone Particpating in The Great North Run:

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 12.59.11.png


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2 comments on “Why Running Is Changing My Life

  1. Really interesting article. However I’m not sure what you mean when you say running strengthens your bones ? Are you drinking a pint of milk on the run xo

  2. Having recently taken up running, I can say that this is all so true. I find it impossible to switch off from work/life, except for the half hour/hour I am running. Current stats – 5k in 26mins, 7k in 41mins. Next up 10k in under an hour. Keep up the inspiring work!

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