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5 Reasons To Do Sober October This Year

MacMillan has done a fantastic job at owning the month of October as an opportunity to raise awareness and money for their cause. Below are my reason’s why you should consider participating in Sober October this year.

Reason 1: Save Money for Christmas


With the leaves turning to orange, the dark nights rolling in and every other girl posting a picture on Instagram of their pumpkin spice lattes autumn is well and truly here. Before we know it we will be Christmas shopping.

Before we know it we will be Christmas shopping.

October won’t last long and we will be into November and Santa’s return will be in full swing. It’s a nontouristy difficult time of year to remember everyone you need to buy for, let alone what to actually buy them.

In October if you go Sober and sit out on 4 nights out and 5/6 trips to the pub you could look at an extra £300 at least in your pocket.

(Based on an average night being £50 and the average pub trip breaking £20)

That’s enough to get your Mum a lovely Jo Malone candle and treat Dad to some Dior Eau Sauvage.


Reason 2: Save The Summer Body


Again, the Ibiza weekenders are behind us – the majority of us are not looking forward to any more holidays and as the coats and jumpers start to creep into office across the country we are no longer focusing on the summer bodies and the weight will creep back on.

It isn’t just the “empty calories” drinking brings it’s the time wasted from being hungover. As you read this on a Sunday afternoon, more than likely tucking into a lovely roast, recovering from the night before thinking of the possibilities of getting up fresh on Sunday and popping out for a jog.

As you read this, on Sunday 1st of October, you have more than likely tucked into a nice Sunday roast, recovering from a big Saturday night out.

Now, quickly think of the possibility of waking up fresh every Sunday in October and popping out for a run.

In just 1 month you could go from not being able to run to, at all, to doing a 5km. Set yourself a target, complete it and keep that summer body a little bit longer.

Otherwise, you’ll get to November and start thinking to yourself “I’ll wait until New Year” and you’ll have even more holiday weight you’ll need to shift come 2018.


Reason 3: Detox and Not Get Ill


Freshers flu is real. Over the last month schools have returned meaning children up and down the country are spreading colds and flu quicker than you can say Lempsip.

Don’t get me started on University…

You’re going to get it and it will suck. But after a few pints in a club, you’re even more susceptible to picking up the bug.

But after a few pints in a club, you’re even more susceptible to picking up the bug, and it will be worse.

Give yourself the best chance of keeping healthy – have a month Detox and your body will thank you for it.


Reason 4: It May Get You Thinking


Waking up on Tuesday 31st of October after a month of living fresh you’ll look at your achievement (these days it is an achievement) and you’ll be incredibly proud of what you’ve done.

You’ll take this into your wider life. Work, Family & Friends will all be impressed and you can tell people you’ve done it with pride.

It’s a small step which could go a long way. Alcohol dependency doesn’t surface until later in life – but at a young age is when we start to become addicted. You’ll be doing the future you a huge favor.


And finally….. Nothing Happens in October 


Let’s face it, it’s not exactly December… it is the perfect month to do it – less potential excuses for giving in.

As we all know peer pressure or FOMO is the biggest driver of failure.



Anyone who wants to take part let me know and I’ll give any advice throughout the month.

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