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Race 2: A 10km Through Disneyland Is As Incredible As It Sound​!

Starting Out Easy


There are a number of famous quotes which highlight that great achievements don’t happen overnight –“Rome wasn’t built in a day” etc etc etc. This is true.

So when planning how my next 12 months would look I didn’t want to jump straight into a Marathon or even a Half Marathon before being confident that I would be able to accomplish it.

So I started off easy – with two 10km runs – the first at home in York, very comfortable setting, running a familiar route and logistically very straightforward.  The second, this weekend, was my first international run – I have 3 coming up in the next 4 months – The Disneyland 10km. It didn’t take much time to decide that this would be the perfect location and run to do for September. Paris is my favourite city in the world and I’m a huge Disney fan.

Race Preparation


Run Disney organise the event throughout the weekend there are a number of runs including 5km, Half Marathon, Kids Fun Runs and of course the 10km. This is a genius idea as the park was full from Friday to Sunday!

We, Georgie & I, landed Friday and headed straight to Disneyland – to collect our bids & race numbers from the race centre – in true Disney style, this couldn’t have been better organised with small personal touches like having the name of all the runners on a mural wall.

Paris 1

We got our things, headed to bed because the race started at 6am on Saturday!

Race Day


Paris 2
The Route

As you can see, the route takes you through both Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios & through the back of the Disney lot. So we wake up at 6am and head over to the park to start the run.

Equipped with the required Mickey Mouse ears we queued up amongst thousand’s of people dressed in everything from Princess’ outfits to Dwarfs.


When the race got started it was like no other, we spent half the dodging people who were taking pictures in the park with characters, including the 3 little pigs and Elsa from frozen – while taking in the views of behind the scenes of the Disney Parks.

The highlight of the race was when I was overtaken by Snow White (image below)


And stopping to get a picture on movie props


This was never going to be a fast run – but it was by far the funniest run I will ever do. It combined my 3 core passions, Disney, Running and Paris.

And to be supported by my Best Friend and Girl Friend Georgie the whole way made it even more special.

For anyone looking to do a run or struggling to find the motivation, this is literally the dream start – I’d recommend it to anyone!

Go and make a weekend of it – you won’t regret it.

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