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Here Is Why You Failed Sober October.

Open Letter For Anyone

My Biggest Pet Hate

Flashback 3 weeks ago, it is coming to the end of September you’ve started to look ahead to October and you suddenly see “Go Sober This October” being advertised everywhere on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

September was a 5 week month – it was long and hard and payday couldn’t come around sooner. Friday 29th comes and you celebrate a long hard week going out and getting drunk with your friends – you made it to the end of another month well done.

Saturday 30th September – you see the “Go Sober This October” advertised again – your mind suddenly flashes back to last night where you probably embarrassed yourself or you woke up feeling a little bit sorry for yourself so you take it upon yourself to decide you’re going to do Sober October. The announcement goes into your whats app chat asking if anyone else is doing 2/3 people say they are going to as well.

Great – you feel better because right now you think you’re going to go sober all October and get your shit together.


Why You Are Wrong

 Fast forward – it’s the first weekend in October everyone is going out – you said you were doing Sober October, but in reality, you were doing it for the wrong reasons and you’re back in the bars & clubs the following week.

You lied.

You failed.

And here is why…

The reason you failed is that it is really fucking hard to give up drinking. Society doesn’t allow you to do.

I’ve heard a number of times “I don’t trust someone who doesn’t drink”, people are intimidated if you live a different way to how they perceived the world should be. It actually scares them.

It scares them because it makes them question themselves and their values and people don’t like that.

Be Serious, It’s Your Life

Those who failed aren’t serious about themselves or their development – they didn’t care enough to try to make a change, they are content living the life of eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

That’s fine, I respect everyone for how they want to live their life.

From my experience, it’s easier to run a Marathon than give up drinking – it isn’t physically tough but mentally. You go through a lot, to come out the other side and if you are going to face any challenge you need to completely understand what it takes to conquer it – so you can prepare yourself.

Waking up one day and deciding you’re going to give up drinking for a month because you had a bit of a heavy night isn’t going to create the right “why”. You’ll soon get out of the temporary low as your energy and excitement builds up throughout the week you’ll soon think “I’m fine, I’ve got this” only to wake up the following morning and feel in the same rut you were in before.

Yes this is extreme but it needs to be said

People are too passive, they give up too easily – the same way people say “Nothing taste as nice as skinny feels” I believe “No night out is as fun as actually living feels”.

Being able to have the self-control to go sober releases the shackles that “society” holds on you and allows you to then question other parts of life to make yourself a better person.

Below is a list of people who you may not think were teetotal.


Famous TeeTotalers

Thomas Burberry – Founder of Burberry

Joseph Rowntree – Founder of Rowntree’s Chocolate

John Cadbury – Founder of Cadbury’s Chocolate

Natalie Portman Film Producer, Model, Actor.

Abraham Lincoln – U.S President

Chris Martin,  Coldplay Musician

Calvin Harris, DJ.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Footballer,

Warren Buffet, U.S Entrepreneur

John D Rockefeller, U.S Entrepreneur, Wealthiest Man on Earth






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