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What Being Sober For 18 Months Teaches You.

18 Months!!!

Christmas Eve is a wonderful time of the year, we spend it with our families doing the annual traditions Pantomimes, Cinema or just down at the pub. On top of this Christmas Eve marks my 18 months of being TeeTotal. (A long time right).

Last Christmas, I was still becoming accustomed to life without Alcohol – which made Christmas difficult, I had a remove myself from a number of family situations because I wasn’t fully comfortable with myself. However, this year I’m completely used to life now, which has made this year the best Christmas Ever.

There has been a dramatic change from life in the last 18 months and it has been broken down into a number of stages. The first stage was Day 0 to 3 months in, this was the toughest period – I didn’t attend any social occasion and focus purely on myself. The next stage was 3 months to 9 months – in which I began easing myself into a “normal” routine.

Month 9 – 15 was when I fully began to understand myself and was able to really develop myself, this is when I lost the most weight over 3 stones, took us running and began to enjoy social situations again.

Personally, I thought my personal development couldn’t go much further – I was extremely happy with myself. Despite that, the last 3 months have been the best of my life. It exciting to feel like every day you are constantly developing. I wake up every day feeling and looking the best I have ever done in my life!

Below are the 3 things which I’ve learned in 18 months of been sober, all of these I learned between months 12 – 18.


You Understand Other People Better.

Whether it be for dating, work or friends we spend most of our lives trying to figure out other people. This aspect of life has always fascinated me.

What motivates people?

Why people act like they do?

Are they feeling okay?

All question which we constantly ask ourselves about other people. Especially at the Christmas period when we are seeing people for the first time in a while. I feel I have a much stronger understanding of people which is very beneficial when dealing with relatives!


You Live In The Present


Sobriety is all about living in the present. For those who spent years being addicted, anger and resentment towards the past or a fear of the future was much more common than enjoying the present. When you stay in the present, you are at peace with yourself. Not only that but you can more easily forgive the past and look forward to the future instead of dreading it.

With 2017 about to end, I’m completely at peace with the year and excited for 2018 rather than previously I’d be filled with anxiety and resent for the future and past!


I’m More Fun On Nights Out


For a lot of people, they associate mind-altering substances with the good times. The thing is that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Remember, if you think that sobriety is boring, think again! Only boring people are bored. The world is huge and there are so many things you can do while staying sober. If you think alcohol turned you into a better person, here’s a newsflash: your mind & body is better off without. The alcohol never made you witty or sociable, that was all you.

The last 3 months I’ve started to feel back to my old self. The 14/15-year-old me who was cheeky, witty and loved spending time with his friends. If you think about it, once we start drinking at 16/17 we probably do not go longer than 1 month without not drinking.

That isn’t long at all

It starts to affect your personality and mood – it’s taken me 18 months to get back to myself!

You Have Time To Focus On Yourself

Lastly, which I’m sure a lot of you already know – you get time to focus on yourself and invest in your future self.

Here is a great transformation photo over the last 9 months!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 13.47.42.png


If you have any question about the New Year and wanting to try going TeeTotal don’t hesitate to drop me an email


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  1. SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! <3 Huge accomplishment & so inspiring! xx

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